Life, love and conflict in the hill country around 1200BC Quick wits and loyalty confront high-tech crime in space
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In a Milk and Honeyed Landon
Far from the Spaceportson

Richard Abbott

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The following online retailers typically stock some or all of these books, or else may be able to obtain them at short notice. When buying from regular book shops, request by title or ISBN number:

In a Milk and Honeyed Land
Softback: 978-0993-1684-2-0
ebook (kindle or epub): 978-0993-1684-3-7
Scenes from a Life
Softback: 978-0954-5535-9-3
ebook (kindle mobi): 978-0954-5535-7-9
The Flame Before Us
Softback: 978-0993-1684-1-3
ebook (kindle or epub): 978-0993-1684-0-6
The Man in the Cistern
ebook (kindle mobi): 978-0954-5535-1-7
ebook (epub): 978-0954-5535-4-8
The Lady of the Lions
ebook (kindle): 978-0954-5535-3-1
ebook (epub): 978-0954-5535-5-5
Triumphal Accounts in Hebrew and Egyptian
ebook (kindle): 978-0954-5535-2-4
ebook (epub): 978-0954-5535-6-2
Softback: 978-0993-1684-6-8
ebook (kindle or epub): 978-0993-1684-7-5
Far from the Spaceports
Softback: 978-0993-1684-4-4
ebook (kindle or epub): 978-0993-1684-5-1


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