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In a Milk and Honeyed Landon
Far from the Spaceportson

Richard Abbott

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This page shows extracts from reviews that I have made of other books by various authors. These reviews are typically repeated at some or all of Amazon, Goodreads, BookLikes and (less often) my blog. See my Goodreads reviews and Amazon reviews.

The full blog may be found at the following links:
My regular blog page.

I review for The Historical Novel Society (Indie section) and The Review Group,
and have written as guest blogger on Suzanne Adair's Relevant History Blog:
Stamped on These Lifeless Things,
and Erin's Bookworm's Fancy blog:
A Swarming of Bees (Theresa Tomlinson), The Bone Thief (V.M. Whitworth), Undreamed Shores (Mark Hatton).

If you are interested in me reviewing your book, please contact me by email at to discuss further. I am normally only knowledgable about and keen to review historical fiction concerning the ancient world (definitely before the fall of Rome, and ideally before the rise of Rome!) but am also happy to consider some works of science fiction or fantasy. I am not enthusiastic about horror and am unlikely to read it or give good reviews on this genre.

General contact details: or
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