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Half Sick of Shadows, a new novella set at various times in Britain’s history, retells the Arthurian legend of the Lady of Shalott. It has been published by Matteh Publications and is now available at online retailers.

Who is The Lady?

In ancient Britain, a Lady is living in a stone-walled house on an island in the middle of a river. So far as the people know, she has always been there. They sense her power, they hear her singing, but they never meet her.

At first her life is idyllic. She wakes, she watches, she wanders in her garden, she weaves a complex web of what she sees, and she sleeps again. But as she grows, this pattern becomes narrow and frustrating. She longs to meet those who cherish her, but she cannot. The scenes beyond the walls of her home are different every time she wakes, and everyone she encounters is lost, swallowed up by the past.

But when she finds the courage to break the cycle, there is no going back. Can she bear the cost of finding freedom? And what will her people do, when they finally come face to face with a lady of legend who is not at all what they have imagined?

A retelling – and metamorphosis – of Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott.

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Samples (free downloads):
Buy on Amazon: Some review comments:
  • Discovered Diamond Award Discovered Diamond Award Discovering Diamonds (review scheduled for September 2017)
  • Breakfast with Pandora: “…Half Sick of Shadows is an intricate, delicate story about a Lady who grows through time into something new, both physically and mentally, and how interaction with those she encounters affects that process. But it’s also a wonderfully imaginative take on how we might be- or have been- in touch with others outside our ken…”
  • Hoover Book Reviews: “…The progression of The Lady through the various stages of her existence, and the descriptions of the eras in which she awakes are masterfully told by the author… The conclusion of the tale, though a heart rending scene, is also one of hope as The Lady finally finds out who she is…”
  • The Review: “…a historical fantasy with some science fiction elements and healthy dose of mystery, it is absolutely unique and a literary sensation. Beautifully written, with an interesting storyline and wonderful imagery, it is in a realm of its own…”
  • Amazon.com review: “…this book was thoroughly engaging. The language was descriptive and lush without becoming overwrought or melodramatic, the imagery is lovely right from the very first paragraph, and the overall story of the Lady of Shalott is entirely original…”
See extracts from the story.

Cover image: Half Sick of Shadows
Cover image © copyright original painting by Mary Abbott.

Published by Matteh Publications.

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