Life, love and conflict in the hill country around 1200BC
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Richard Abbott

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Scenes From a Life is a full-length novel written by Richard Abbott. It is set in Egypt and Canaan around 1200BCE, around twenty years after In a Milk and Honeyed Land and explores some loose ends left by that book. It has been published by Matteh Publications and is now available at online retailers.

What journey would you make to encounter the meaning of a dream?

Makty-Rasut is a scribe in New Kingdom Egypt, fashioning tombs for the elite. He lives a comfortable but restless life, moving every few years further upstream along the river Nile. He is content to exercise his talent without examining his origins.

Then a series of vivid dreams, interpreted with the help of a senior priest, disrupts this pattern. To solve the riddle, he must go on a journey that will take him outside the Beloved Land and away from the life that he knows. His travels take him into the neighbouring province of Canaan, to a hill-country village called Kephrath, and to a way of life he has never considered.


Samples (free downloads):
Scenes from a Life - Sample - Kindle mobi
Scenes from a Life - Sample - epub

Some review comments

  • “...historical detail supports and sustains the rich narrative without overwhelming it...”
  • “...a gentle, well-crafted novel...”
  • Goodreads: “...beautiful and sensitive...”
  • The Review Group: “...there is lovely description - evocative sentences or phrases that add so much to the atmosphere of the book.”
  • Breakfast with Pandora: “...assured, mature observation of people...”

See extract from the novel.

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Cover image © copyright by permission Ian Grainger
For some maps, check out the maps page.

Buy links: general list,, or other global Amazon sites. Paperback version only at the CreateSpace store: apply special code ZJBC2JPW at the checkout for a discount. The Book Depository offers free world-wide delivery in paperback form as another option.

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ISBN Numbers:
Softback: 978-0954-5535-9-3
ebook (kindle mobi): 978-0954-5535-7-9
ebook (epub): 978-0954-5535-8-6

Listen to some author readings:
first extract,
second extract.

Published by Matteh Publications.

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