Life, love and conflict in the hill country around 1200BC
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“Kephrath” is a small town in the hill country of Canaan. It is the setting for various stories by Richard Abbott, all set around 1200BCE. The first of these stories, the full length novel In a Milk and Honeyed Land, was published in 2012 and is available in bookshops and online retailers.

A second full-length novel, Scenes From a Life is available for purchase in Amazon kindle and softback format.

A further novel, The Flame Before Us has been published by Matteh Publications and is now available in Amazon kindle and softback format.

Two related short stories - The Man in the Cistern and The Lady of the Lions have been published in ebook format by Matteh Publications in October 2012 and March 2013. They are currently available online in epub and Amazon kindle format. Matteh Publications has also published the kindle format version of the PhD thesis Triumphal Accounts in Hebrew and Egyptian, likewise available online in epub and kindle format.

The Hebrew bible refers to this place as Kephirah, one of four towns spoken of as a group as the “Gibeonite” towns. They are said to be the first group of Canaanites prepared to make a treaty alliance with the Israelites when they established territory in the hill country.

Of the four towns, the location of the main one (Gibeon, called Giybon in these stories) is known with confidence, that of a second (Kiriath Jearim, here called Jarrar's Town or Woodlands) known only approximately, and the sites of the other two, Kephirah and Beeroth (here called Kephrath and Meyim) are unknown except in very general terms.

The pictures on this page were taken by the author at places within the territory once controlled by these four towns.

These people, their home, and the rather unsettled times they lived, in are a constant source of fascination for me, which I have explored both in fiction and in academic research.

Extracts from a recent review:
A world that was
This is time travel at its best... The period is thoroughly researched and the voice authentic... stories are told in a different way - slowly, carefully, step by step rather like the long journeys of Damariel... We read about unfamilar religious customs and values but can detect traces, beginnings of the world we know. We see also the more recognisable human dilemmas and responses to those changes... There is space and time to reflect. The atmosphere of that is captured....for those who can leave their twitters and instant lives to one side, and be patient...
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